11 Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

home energy audit

Going eco-friendly and reducing your carbon footprint has become more widely accepted and recognized, which is great for the environment and our future, but did you know that it’s also great for your bank account?

Yup, you can literally save tons of money by becoming more eco-friendly with a home energy audit!

It doesn’t stop there either. In fact, there are tons of great benefits to running a home energy audit and today we are going to cover those with you. Let’s take a look.

#1 Better Energy Efficiency

The first reason to run a home energy audit is to become more energy efficient. You will learn about the areas of your home that are costing you the most money and how to fix them.

Your home energy use could be going through the roof and you don’t even know it!

For example, did you know that if your home has poor insulation, you are losing heat in the winter and cooling in the summer? A home energy audit will help you find these issues and much more so that you can start saving on your energy bills right away.

Common Energy Waste Includes

When it comes to saving energy in your home, there is quite the laundry list of things that could be wasting away energy. Below is a quick list of some of the most common things we see in residential energy use.

  • Leaving lights on when they aren’t needed
  • Not sealing up all gaps leading to the outside of your home
  • Wasting heat during winter and cooling during summer because of poorly sealed windows or doors
  • Having poorly performing HVAC equipment, like old air conditioners or furnaces that are constantly running at sub-optimal levels
  • Old appliances like refrigerators need replacing but you’re not getting rid of them due to the cost. (We’ll talk more about this one later)

Running an energy audit will help to identify all of these for you.

#2 Save More Money

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can save money by running an energy audit. By becoming more energy-efficient, you’ll in turn be using less energy, and as we all know, less energy use means less money spent.

In fact, the EPA.GOV reports that homeowners who upgrade their home’s energy efficiency can save an average of $200 – $400 per year on their utility bills!

That’s a pretty significant saving, wouldn’t you say?

#3 Reduces Your Environmental Impact

By installing more energy-efficient appliances and making other small changes, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. You will also be able to live healthier by reducing the amount of pollution in the air we breathe.

Not only that but you’re also helping to improve the world for the next generation! Energy conservation is important.

Every little bit helps and every individual change makes a difference. Why not start with your own home energy audit?

#4 More Value for Your Home

When you run a home energy audit, you’ll be able to add more value to your home. You will learn about the problems that are costing you money and therefore be able to fix them before putting your house up for sale.

Knowing these issues ahead of time means that when people come to take a look at them, they won’t dismiss them because there are things wrong with the property. This could help you get more out of your home if or when you choose to sell it in the future.

On top of that going green and adding things such as solar power to your home will add even more value for you when it comes time to sell. Plus the savings you’ll get from reducing your electric bill!

#5 Increased Comfort

Another great reason to run a home energy audit is that you’ll be able to improve the comfort and tranquility of your home.

You will find out about areas where drafts are coming into your house, or where heat is escaping which could be costing you money in the long run. Fixing these things will reduce drafts, eliminate heat loss through windows, and make your house a more comfortable place to live.

No buddy wants a house that’s hard to keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter months.

#6 Longer Lasting Equipment

When you conduct a home energy audit, it may be recommended to upgrade some of your appliances in the house. When you have energy-efficient appliances and equipment, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice performance. In fact, newer models are made to be more efficient without working as hard.

This means that your equipment will last longer because it’s not overworking itself trying to provide the same level of performance as an older model would. Plus, once again, you’re saving money on your energy bills each month.

It’s a win-win situation.

#7 You’ll Be More Organized

One of the great things about running a home energy audit is that you will become more organized. By knowing what areas of your house use the most energy, you can start to make changes in those areas one by one until your whole home becomes more energy efficient.

After that, you will have a record of what worked and what didn’t work so that you can plan for future projects as well as continue to save money on your bills each month. You’ll be able to take a look at where your biggest savings came from and make an educated decision about how to move forward with projects in the future.

#8 It’s a Great Way to Teach Your Children About Sustainable Living

For children, going green doesn’t mean recycling or bringing their own bags to the grocery store. Going green means making smart choices that don’t harm the environment for future generations.

When you take the time to run a home energy audit, it becomes easier for them to learn how sustainability is important. You can show them how they are personally helping the planet by making small changes in their everyday lives.

What a great way to teach them about being responsible global citizens!

#9 A Healthier Home

When you have a home energy audit, you’re also looking out for your family’s health. By identifying areas where mold and mildew are growing, or by repairing cracks in the walls that could let in pests, you’re making sure that your family is living in a healthy environment.

Mold and mildew can cause serious health problems for people who are sensitive to them, and pests can carry dangerous diseases. So it’s important to take care of these things as soon as possible.

Your indoor air quality matters because it can have serious repercussions on your and your children. It’s essential to have a home evaluation that checks combustion safety and assesses all of your gas lines, whether your house has an attic, crawlspace, or both.

#10 They Are Fast and Free

One of the best things about home energy audits is that they are fast and free! When you schedule your appointment with West Bay Energy, they will only need a couple of hours to assess your home.

You will be able to see your home’s energy usage and start saving energy instantly. And there is no cost for the assessment.

It’s a great way to start making changes in your home without breaking the bank. What’s better than something that is fast, free, and provides a bunch of benefits for you?

#11 Great Rebates

When you run a home energy audit, there are often great rebates that you can take advantage of. These rebates can be for different parts of your house, such as the thermostat, insulation, and heating.

This means that you can start saving money on your energy bills right away.

When you schedule your appointment with West Bay Energy, one of our energy efficiency services specialists will see if you are eligible for any rebates. We will help you fill out the necessary paperwork and get started on saving money today.

Your Home Energy Audit

is an important step towards becoming more efficient and lowering your monthly energy costs. West Bay Energy has been providing home energy audits for Florida residents for years and we want to continue doing that with you.

We know what it takes to provide you with a fully comprehensive audit that will help you reduce your carbon footprint while saving money each month on your energy bills.

Whether you have questions or are ready to reap the benefits, contact us today here at West Bay Energy.