Electrical panel upgrade

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Outdated Electrical Panel?

If you’re running into electrical issues in your home or are unhappy with your current electric bill, it may be because your panel is old and needs to be upgraded.

What is an Electrical Panel upgrade?

An electrical panel is an agent that distributes power coming from the grid into the subsidiary circuits throughout your home. An electrical panel upgrade is the process of replacing and improving your electrical panel for effective and easy circulation of electrical power in your home. We are in a world that relies largely on electricity, if your panel has never been upgraded since the home was built, it may be time to upgrade it. Get more info about solar panel installation in Tampa, and why they are so important.

Why do you need to upgrade your electrical panel?

Homeowners can face numerous electrical challenges when they refuse to upgrade their panels at the right time. Most don’t even know why or when they should upgrade.

There are different reasons for considering an electrical upgrade:

1. You still use a fuse box

Fuses and circuit breakers perform the same function but it is worth noting that fuses are outdated, and unlike circuit breakers, they don’t trip when they’re overloaded, melt, blow, or short-circuit. You will rarely see a fuse in newly built homes, which is an indication that you need to upgrade your fuse box electrical panel as soon as possible. Fuse boxes require frequent replacement.

2. You still use an old circuit breaker

In case you have replaced the old fuse box, It is very possible that the circuit breaker you used to replace it is also old and needs replacement. If your house was built before 1980, you are probably using 150 amp service which was commonly used in 20th-century homes. Today, the standard amp service is 200. If you still use the old circuit breaker, it is time to upgrade your electrical panel.

3. If there are signs of wear and tear on your electrical panel:

If you notice dimming lights, blown fuse, dark-colored wall plates burning from wall switches, shock from switches, or unusually high electricity bills, then it’s time to consider an upgrade. All of these signs are dangerous to everyone living in your house and also, you tend to pay more.

4. If you are planning to purchase an electrical device that consumes more power:

Devices like a freezer, air conditioning system, electric dryer, hot tub, and solar panels in Tampa Bay consume more power, and if your electrical panel is not up to date, it may damage those appliances.

How much does it cost to upgrade my electrical panel?

Homeowners can face numerous electrical challenges when they refuse to upgrade their panels at the right time. Most don’t even know why or when they There have been huge differences in how much it costs to upgrade your electrical panel and this is determined by the level of upgrade, your panel amp size, and the electrical management company that you hire to fix it for you. Below, we will discuss some general prices of upgrading your electrical panel:

If you are upgrading a 100 amp panel, you will spend about $1500 to $2500. A 125 amp panel upgrade costs around $1700 to $2700. A 150 amp panel will cost $2000 to $3000. Finally, a 200 amp will cost $3500 to $4500.

Always remember that as important it is to upgrade your electrical panel to make sure that you are getting the power you need for your home appliances, it is also very important to upgrade your electrical panels for the sake of safety as recent research shows that home electrical problems cause almost 51,000 fires each year, which contribute to around $1.2billion in property damage!|

Upgrading your electrical panel is not just a good idea, it is essential and this is why West Bay Energy has decided to make your electrical panel upgrade easy for you

Why Choose West Bay Energy?

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Many electricians are just salespeople. Some will sell the job and then sub it out to the lowest bidder to perform the work.

Many times these companies get good reviews online because the issues do not surface for a while. Then when the issues come up, the company is not able to do the warranty work since they are not licensed!

We have fixed many issues for other electric companies because we are licensed to do the warranty work for the manufacturer.

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