Everything You Should Know About Solar Panel Installation

Ever feel like you’re worried about the environment? You should make an effort to install solar panels – they don’t cost much, and they’re good for the environment. Not only does your carbon footprint reduced, but it also saves you money on electricity bills. Getting solar panels installed is easy because solacompanies in St Petersburg, FL, have professionals handling everything from the initial design to the installation itself. Read to learn everything you should know about solar panel installation.

Types of Solar Panel Installation

There are types of solar panel installation. Here is a breakdown:

  • Ground-mounted get installed on the ground, usually in an open field. There is little difference between the components of rooftop and ground-mounted panel systems, with the main difference being in the installation method. Panels in the ground system are mounted to a metal rack. The racking structure is often set into a concrete foundation as an added safety measure. Wiring the solar system to your house will require digging a shallow trench.
  • Direct Mounted solar Panel Installation is the type of installation where the panels are mounted directly on the roof. In this installation, a solar panel installer installs the solar panels on your roof and ties them into a grid-tied inverter. The inverter will provide power to your home.

Grid Solar Panel System

A grid solar panel system connects to the grid, allowing it to sell its energy back to the electric company and thus receive credit for producing energy. It means you can use power from the grid when there is no production, like during night or winter times

What Is a Grid Connected Solar Panel With No Batteries?

Grid-connected solar systems are an option for homes that don’t have access to power from the grid. These systems can be installed at a home or business and allow you to generate clean energy. 

The system works by net metering, storing excess energy during peak production times (such as when the sun is out) and sending it back into the grid when there isn’t enough sunlight to generate power. Your solar panels will meet your energy needs if there’s no sun outside right now (which frequently happens during winter).

At the end of the month, PSEG LI checks your grid energy usage. After each billing cycle, you will only be charged the difference between your earned credits and your grid energy consumption. Your monthly statement will reflect any accumulated energy bank credits that can be used the following month.

What Is a Grid Connected Solar Panel That  Has Batteries?

Grid-connected and battery-powered solar panel systems are installed in grid connection locations. 

Grid-connected systems get installed on rooftops or in other locations where they can receive direct sunlight. Solar panels on the roof absorb sunlight and transform it into electricity when the sun is out. Rather than sending the excess energy to the power grid, it is stored for later use in the battery.

Due to the greater number of components needed and the greater amount of work involved, the price of a grid-connected system that incorporates batteries is more than that of a standard solar panel installation. 

The Procedure for Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are an affordable way to help you meet your energy needs. Here is the process of solar installation:

Electric Bill Review

The first step is to review your electric bill and determine whether you are eligible for an incentive program. You should contact your utility company to see if they offer any programs or discounts. If they do, you will need to apply for those incentives to be eligible for a discount on your system cost.

Property Assessment

You must acquire a property assessment from your local assessor’s office. This document describes the current value of your home. This information must be accurate because it will be used by contractors when designing the solar panel system for your home and installing it on-site.

Permit Acquisition

Once the property assessment has been completed, you will need to apply for a permit from your utility company or local government agency responsible for issuing permits related to solar energy systems. 

Project Scheduling

Project planning and scheduling are essential steps in solar panel installation. This step is where you decide how much time your project will take and how much money it will cost. 

Determine the solar panel system you want. Grid-tied systems connect to the electrical grid. Off-grid systems are not connected directly to the electricity grid; instead, they must be hooked to a battery bank or generator to operate.


The process of solar panel installation begins with an inspection. The inspection determines whether or not the solar panel is in good condition and whether or not it’s up to code. If it isn’t, the installation company will replace the solar panel. If the solar panel is approved, then installation can begin. 


After setting up your system and connecting it to the net metering system and any backup batteries, track the status of your complete system and take charge of your energy usage using a smartphone.

What Is the Cost of  Solar Panel Installation

The cost of solar panel installation varies depending on your location and the size of your solar system. In general, however, the initial cost of installing a solar system does not exceed $ 3.00 per watt.

In addition to initial costs, ongoing costs are associated with running your solar system. For example, once installed, it will take time before your system starts generating energy and bringing in money. It could take eight years before your investment pays off!

Given these devices’ many benefits, solar panel installation should be seriously considered if you have a home that receives consistent sunlight throughout the day. Of course, there are challenges to overcome, as with any venture. Looking for a tried and tested and experienced solar company in Florida?  Visit the West Bay Energy website – https://westbayenergy.com/solar-panel-installation-in-saint-petersburg-fl/ – for quality installation panels.

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