Generator Backup for Grid Tied Solar

generator backup for grid tied solar

You may be considering buying a generator backup for grid tied solar panels. The real question is – do you want a reliable backup system if your power goes out?

When you live in Florida the question is not if – but when you will be hit by a Tropical storm or Hurricane? 

When Hurricane Irma swept through, much of the state was without power and many homeowners were without power for weeks.

The damage storms do is one issue, but the anxiety and stress that can occur from not being prepared is often much worse. Having a generator backup for grid tied solar systems is a recommended key component of a proper hurricane preparedness strategy and the stress of trying to get a last minute generator is often worse than the hurricane. 

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Get Your Backup Generator Before Storm Season

At West Bay Energy we are an Energy company first. We understand that when a Hurricane hits, we often lose access to the grid and many times the weather is cloudy during and after these storms pass. 

Having a backup generator in combination with solar panels and or batteries will provide a fortress for your home during the next hurricane. Homes with the proper energy solutions are the homes that become the family gathering spots during crises. They become the safe haven allowing your friends and family to have the certainty they need to service the disaster.

Installing a Generator Backup for Grid Tied Solar System

When we install a generator backup for grid tied solar systems, we often install a much smaller generator than would normally go into a home. 

These generators range in price from $5500-$8500 depending on the energy needs and many savings are given because they are installed the same time as the solar hookup. 

These system are often combined with Powerwall batteries as well to assist in power back up solutions providing the ability to have up to 2 weeks off the grid in some cases. 

Many times, the solar panels will run the home during the day and the generator will run excess power demands at night and or during the day if the weather is not suitable for solar production.

The generators can run off Natural gas or we can install a propane tank if your home does not have natural gas.  The generators are very quiet and often take up about as much space as a spa heater. 

If you want to learn more about a generator complete the form below and we can provide a free estimate on a total home hurricane energy solution for your home.