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Every day homeowners are sold solar only to run into service and production issues costing them time and money. We put our customer first, making sure you produce the agreed rate 100% or we’ll make it right.

rising electric costs

Are you annoyed by…

  • High energy bills
  • The yearly increase in energy usage rates
  • Ridiculously high solar quotes from other companies
  • Not doing your part in creating a cleaner environment
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We care about you and your need to save.

At West Bay Energy, we will make sure you get your savings or we will make it right – guaranteed!

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The solar industry is full of pushy sales and limited customer support. West Bay Energy gives you the knowledge and attentiveness you need to make the decision on going solar.

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Why NOW is the best time to install solar on your home

Over 70% of Americans are unsure if they have enough money for retirement.

The old adage if you own your home you will be fine, is starting to get dwarfed by the higher costs of living. We have noticed that everything has gone up while our retirement accounts have not.

The Average American saves less than $3000.00 per year. Solar is a way to offset some of your retirement costs as well as your retirement expenses. Power costs are expected to only continue to rise as more of the environmental costs of power are going to be passed on to consumers. 

Needless to say…

Locking in your energy prices today would be a huge advantage. Also, setting up a payback system where you would not have a power bill during retirement is starting to be viewed as a necessity by many homeowners in today’s environment. 

Owning your own power allows you to know with confidence what your energy costs are now as well as in retirement.

The government is offering tax credits to get Americans to start using solar panels to power their houses.

These tax credits equate to about a 26% reduction in the cost of the systems for 2021. The government is phasing these incentives out as the demand for solar is rising. The costs of systems are only going to continue to go up each year and the tax credit will be going away.

So why not get the system while you get low price and a tax credit?

Solar systems just like electric cars when they first came out had to have a long warranty to get sales.

These tax credits equate to about a 26% reduction in the cost of the systems for 2021. The Currently we offer a 25 year warranty on our solar panels

We know that this will be going away as demand picks up and more consumers are comfortable with putting solar panels on their roofs. 

Getting a 25 year warranty is basically guaranteeing that your solar panels will last you throughout your retirement.

Right now solar panels can be installed with interest rates as low as 3.99%.

This rate will only go up for these unsecured loans.  These loans are so good you can often eliminate your power bill and with no extra payment actually own your solar system over the course of the loan.

It’s crazy to think…

You can go from renting your power to owning your power for no extra money!!! 

What Our Clients Are Saying

Can’t say enough great things about this company. Their level of customer service exceeded my expectations. They kept me informed through out the whole process and were there every step of the way to ensure everything ran smoothly. Hands on owners that go the extra mile. Highly recommend!


Very professional, arrived at the appointment time. Helpful from the start with information we requested.


Very professional and knowledgeable when speaking with them. Arrived on time and Answered all my questions. Delivered everything they promised and very happy with me they did for me. They followed up to check on how we liked the system.


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