11 Excellent Reasons to Install Solar Panels on Your Home

Have you heard about “going solar,” but you aren’t sure what the benefits of installing solar panels are? Many claims out there state that solar power is the future and that it is excellent for the environment.

Those claims are absolutely true!

Switching over to solar energy not only helps the planet, but it can also help you in ways that you may not even think or imagine. Most things that we use on a daily basis require electricity.

Working from home, cooking, cleaning, and keeping your food cold are a few things we use our electricity for. With electricity demand comes a demand to diversify where we get our electricity from. In this brief solar guide, we will talk about eleven excellent reasons to install solar panels on your home and who you can reach out to for more questions!

1. Solar Energy Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

One of the biggest reasons to install solar panels on your home is to reduce your carbon footprint in this world. Did you know that fossil fuels used to generate electricity account for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States alone? This includes any nitrous oxide, methane carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide.

Solar energy systems help to solve the greenhouse gas emissions problem because it does not cause any pollution. Solar does not release any greenhouse gases, and it does not use any other significant resources to function. Solar panels are self-sufficient, and there is not much you need to do to maintain them. Installing solar panels in your home is safe, and it is an excellent way to contribute to a sustainable future.

2. Solar Power Can Save You Money

Installing solar panels for your house may be an initially significant investment, but in the long run, it is worth it. Solar energy is essentially free, and your solar system will pay for itself after a few years of having them installed on your home.

The solar panel system typically pays itself off eight years after installation. After those eight years, you can start to earn money by having these panels on your home.

If your panels generate more than enough energy needed for your home, that additional power goes back to the grid. When you send electricity to the grid, you can receive credits to use at a later time if your panels do not generate enough energy for you. If you have a solar backup at your home, your extra generated power will go towards the backup system so that you can use it when the sun isn’t shining.

3. There Are Available Solar Tax Credits

Congress enacted the Energy Policy Act in 2006, which created what we know as the Solar Investment Tax Credit. The Solar Investment Tax Credit, also known as ITC, allows you to claim tax benefits for installing solar panels on your home.

The biggest catch with this tax rebate is purchasing your solar panels outright to receive the credit. If you lease your panels, you don’t get the same benefit.

This should not discourage you from leasing panels. If you still wish to participate in solar energy, you should do what is financially best for you and your family.

You can save 26% off taxes for your solar panel purchase and solar installation costs with this tax credit. It is important to note that the government has plans to wind down the tax credit each year. In 2022, the tax credit is 26%. In 2023, the credit will drop down to 23%. After that, the tax credit will drop to 10%, and it will only apply to utility-scale and commercial projects.

4. You Can Generate Electricity in Any Climate

Another great benefit of getting solar panels is that they can generate electricity in any climate as long as sunlight hits the panels. This means that even during hurricanes, light hail, rain, or snow, you can still generate electricity!

Snow is actually helpful to your solar panels. Although heavier amounts of snow can present a weight problem for your panels, light snow can actually help to slide off any grime, debris, or dirt off your panels as the snow melts.

5. Lessens Electric Grid Strains

The power grid is a very complex system that is in constant supply and demand. In our country, supply must always meet the needs of customers to keep us warm, cool, and functioning, but there are times when demand is greater than the electricity grid has to offer.

If demand overtakes the supply, widespread blackouts and long-term damage could occur. This is why it is so important to start the switch to solar, especially if you live in sunny states like Florida.

When you switch to solar, you help to diversify the energy grid. If any energy source fails, as seen in Texas in 2021 during their freeze, having a variety of energy sources is an answer to prevent power failures.

6. Get Paid by Selling Excess Energy

As mentioned earlier, you have the opportunity to either store or sell your solar energy. Depending on where you live, you have the chance to net meter. Net metering is when your utility company compensates you if your solar panels produce more electricity than your home needs. Most customers receive payment in the form of bill credits.

7. Reliable Source of Energy

When you install solar panels on your home, you no longer need to rely on traditional energy sources, which can sometimes be unreliable. You will generate your own electricity through your solar panels installed on your roof, and if you generate too much, you can store some for later or sell them.

As mentioned above, we traditionally use natural gas, coal, and oil to generate electricity for our homes, schools, and businesses. However, if we keep using these resources at our current consumption rate, these sources will go away entirely as they are currently limited.

Your home solar system will never run out of power as long as the sun continues to shine. This means that you will always have an unlimited supply of reliable power supply without the need to worry about any power outages. Not only is solar energy good for the environment, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that you will never run out of electricity.

8. Low Maintenance Cost

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels are easy to maintain. Solar panels are very durable, and it will take several years before you have to do any maintenance or updates to your panels. This means less hassle for you as a homeowner, knowing that you have a reliable source of electricity that is easy to maintain.

The most that you will have to do is wash off any dirt or debris from your solar panels a few times each year. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, you can always enlist the help of a reputable solar panel cleaner to do it for you.

You may also want to watch out for any birds or other critters that may try to nest under your panels. If you have any concerns about any animals nesting or possibly damaging your solar systems, make sure to let your installer know. They should be able to provide you with resources to protect your panels from any damage.

9. Increases Home Value

In addition to saving on your energy bill, installing solar panels on your home increases your property’s value! Whenever homeowners make some improvements to their homes, they add value to the property.

The same goes for solar panels. Because these panels offer electricity savings and additional electricity for the grid, you can expect your home to increase in value.

When you go to sell your home, you can expect an increase on your next appraisal! It is also important to note that today’s home buyers like to purchase energy-efficient homes. So if you decide to get solar panels and upgrade other parts of your home to save energy, you are more than likely to attract the right buyers when you go to sell the house.

10. Easy Installation

Installing solar panels is easy, and they can be installed anywhere. Once a reputable solar energy company comes to check out your property, they can tell you where it is best to put the panels. Most homeowners have the panels on their roofs, and others may have them on a pole in the yard.

You don’t have to purchase a big home solar panel system because it can be very expensive. You can still receive solar energy benefits with a smaller scale system.

You always have the opportunity to add more panels once you have the budget for it. The most exciting thing about solar systems is that you can install them even in the most remote locations.

These panels have the power to provide electricity to remote villages and other places that have not had electricity before. This means that if you live in a rural area, you can still benefit from installing solar panels on your home.

11. Performance Guarantees

Another added benefit of having a solar system installed on your home is the guaranteed performance. Most solar system service manufacturers and providers provide their clients with lengthy warranties that ensure your solar system’s performance for a very long time.

Some companies offer a 25-year performance warranty period for the system. It is crucial to remember that these companies honor these warranties as long as the company still exists. Make sure that you choose a reputable company to purchase and install your panels to ensure that they will stay in business for a long time.

How to Install Solar Panels

So just how are solar panels installed? The process of installing solar panels is relatively straightforward, especially when you partner with a reputable company.

When choosing your solar panel provider, make sure that you review them before installing your panels. The last thing you need is for someone who does not know what they’re doing to come to install your panels. They can possibly damage your panels and your roof. Make sure that you partner with a reputable company with the proper licenses, insurance, and certifications. 

There are different types of solar panels that your provider will go over with you to make sure that you get the right panels for your home energy consumption needs. They will then need to send someone to inspect your roof to make sure that it is sound enough to hold the panels.

Once they have an idea of how many panels you would need for your energy consumption needs, they will go over the estimate for the cost of the panels and installation. The solar installer will install mounts on your roof, which will hold up the panels and keep them safe and secure.

If your roof is not suitable for direct-mounted solar panels, you have the option to have a ground framework installed. Your solar providers will install ground frameworks into the ground, which will follow the sun’s path for optimum power generation.

If you have any concerns about animals nesting or damaging your panels, your installer can install netting around the panels. If your installer cannot do it for you, they will gladly point you in the direction of someone who can.

Install Solar Panels Today!

Installing solar panels comes with several different benefits beyond the eleven listed here. When you decide to make the switch to solar, it is crucial that you do your research on the company before you commit.

When you work with a reputable company, they will make sure to provide you with high-quality installation service and maintenance. If you are ready to make the switch to solar, contact us now. Our team is fully prepared to answer any questions or concerns you have about the process of switching over to solar energy!