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Residential Solar Tampa FL

Residential Solar Tampa FL

New residential solar in Tampa FL installed on a Florida home

Residential Solar in Tampa FL is a Boon for Homeowners

The time to “go solar” is now! When getting invested in solar energy production, nowhere in the United States is there more support (and sunlight) than in Florida! Homeowners across the Sunshine State are equipping their property’s roofs with state-of-the-art, high-production solar panels, thanks to expert solar companies like West Bay Energy. At West Bay, we are the area’s number-one solar installers for residential solar in Tampa FL.

How Can You Take Advantage of Solar?

Solar isn’t only beneficial for the environment but also for the homeowners who install it! Investing in solar energy production can take advantage of benefits like net metering programs, tax incentives, energy independence, increased home value and more!

  • Net Metering Programs
    • Florida’s utility companies offer excellent net metering programs to support solar production throughout the state. You receive credits back on your energy bill for every kWh of electricity produced via your solar panels you don’t use. This is because utility companies will buy back extra solar energy you produce, thus helping significantly reduce your energy costs.
  • Tax Incentives
    • In addition to net metering, homeowners can receive various tax incentives when installing new solar systems and producing solar energy. For example, federal programs allow taxpayers to receive up to 30% of their solar installation costs back in tax returns. Or, as Florida residents, homeowners receive a 100% property tax exemption for solar panels and other energy storage devices. Learn more about Florida solar incentives here!
  • Energy Independence
    • Nothing is more frustrating than losing power or not having consistent access to electricity. Thankfully, residential solar in Tampa FL can solve these issues! Solar energy can be produced anywhere with access to the sun’s rays. With the right number of solar panels and energy storage devices, you can free yourself from “the grid” and achieve complete energy independence.
  • Increased Home Value

Invest in the Best Renewable Energy Solutions!

West Bay Energy strives to make solar more accessible for those wishing to switch. In providing residential solar for Tampa FL residents, we help connect our customers with excellent incentives and rebates. Not to mention, our own incentives of $0 down, comprehensive product/service warranties, and flexible financing make it easy for anyone to begin producing solar power! And while other companies only look to make a quick buck and lack the customer support you need, West Bay Energy is a true solar panel installation company, meaning we manage the sale AND installation of your panels, and provide support long after installation is complete.

Technicians install new panels for Residential Solar in Tampa FL

If you’d like to learn more about West Bay Energy and our solar installation, electrical panel upgrades, and backup power systems, contact us today at 727-288-6744. We are located at 6260 39th St N, STE I, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, serving clients throughout West and Central Florida.