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Solar Companies Brandon FL

Solar Companies Brandon FL

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Start Producing Renewable Energy with Solar Companies in Brandon FL

As electric prices throughout the country continue to rise, it’s hard to catch a break! From keeping the AC on low to turning off lights behind you, you do everything possible to save on utility bills. What if you could almost entirely eliminate those electricity costs? Good news; greater energy savings are possible through solar power! And if looking for the best local solar companies in Brandon FL to trust with panel installation, look no further than West Bay Energy.

What Does Solar Have to Offer?

We’ve already mentioned cost and energy savings as major benefits of investing in solar. However, the benefits don’t stop there! As a clean, renewable, and abundant energy source, it’s no wonder our country has a legislative push to create more opportunities for first-time solar adopters. Some of what solar has to offer include:

  • Excellent Incentives
    • Solar is becoming so popular even local and federal governments want you to switch! That’s why those purchasing new solar panels can take advantage of the Residential Clean Energy Credit to save up to 30% the cost of installation. Florida further incentivizes homeowners with 100% property tax exemption for residential solar panels, no state sales tax on solar equipment, and local net metering programs.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • Compared to other energy production means, solar reigns supreme as the cleanest and most abundant of the bunch! Solar energy production is low-emission and creates no pollution, unlike energy produced through fossil fuels. Not to mention, our over-reliance on fossil fuels will come back to bite us when those resources run out!
  • Abundant & Easily Accessible
    • Is your access to energy less reliable the further out you are from the main metros? Are you concerned with losing power when severe weather conditions occur? Solar power is the answer! Solar panels can easily convert UV rays to DC energy anywhere. Additionally, you’re consistently producing electricity with photovoltaic solar panels, which draw on the sun’s rays, whether rain or shine.
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True Solar Installers

Unlike other solar companies for Brandon FL, where your solar panels are sold and installed by multiple businesses, West Bay Energy manages your solar installation in-house. We employ experienced, trained and certified technicians to design, construct and install residential and commercial solar panels. And to further assist our customers, we offer $0 down for every project, excellent product/service warranties, and flexible financing for those who need it.

Call West Bay Today

Jump on the renewable energy bandwagon and invest in solar with the help of solar companies for Brandon FL. Give the expert electricians at West Bay Energy a call today! To learn more about our solar products or services, contact us at 727-288-6744. We are located at 6260 39th St N, STE I, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, serving clients throughout West and Central Florida.