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Solar Companies Tampa FL

Solar Companies Tampa FL

An aerial view of newly installed solar panels on a home thanks to solar companies in Tampa FL like West Bay Energy

Embrace Renewable Energy with Solar Companies in Tampa FL

Do you live in a rural part of Florida where electricity can sometimes be spotty? Are you tired of rising electricity costs and looking for a way to bring your bill down? Do you have an interest in clean and renewable energy? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you might be a good fit for a new solar system! And when it comes to solar companies in Tampa FL, West Bay Energy has provided West and Central Florida residents with clean, green solar energy for years! If interested in solar for your property, call West Bay today.

Why Solar Reigns Supreme!

From its cost-saving benefits to its minimal environmental impact, solar energy production is loved by all. In fact, federal, state and local solar incentives are available to encourage potential solar adopters who might be on the fence about renewable energy. However, it’s easy to see why so many people are ready and willing to switch to solar. Some of solar power’s benefits include:

  • Convenience – With solar panels, any property, regardless of location, can have consistent and reliable access to electricity. As long as your home has ample access to sunlight, you have a near-infinite power source available anywhere.
  • Installation Incentives – Through the Residential Clean Energy Credit, homeowners can receive a tax credit worth up to 30% the cost of installation of new solar panels. Additional solar installation incentives include Florida’s 100% property tax exemption for residential systems and no sales tax on solar equipment.
  • Cost-Saving Benefits – Through Net Metering programs, Florida homeowners can significantly reduce or eliminate their energy bills and earn a portion back for extra energy produced. Florida’s leading utility companies offer 1:1 net metering; meaning credits are distributed at the same value as electricity rates.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Regarding environmental cleanliness, solar energy can’t be beat. Solar energy production is completely quiet, low-emission and creates no pollution. Not to mention, solar energy doesn’t draw on finite sources of fossil fuels to create, helping preserve our environment.
  • Energy Independent – Having your own reliable source of electricity means you no longer have to rely on the grid. In scenarios where electricity costs go up, bad weather causes power to go down, or your access to electricity is limited, having solar panels can help you become energy independent.

West Bay Has You Covered

Solar companies in Tampa FL installing new panels on a residential roof

If you’re still worried about switching to solar, let West Bay Energy convince you! We are one of several solar companies for Tampa FL that manages your solar installation from start to finish. From initial sale to final inspection of your panels, we are responsible for your solar system’s engineering, procurement, and construction. Moreover, we also supply our clients with $0 down installation, excellent warranties and flexible financing options. We strive to make solar energy as accessible as possible for Florida residents.

Give Us a Call

The time is now for clean, renewable energy! If you wish to invest in the incredible benefits of solar power, find solar companies in Tampa FL you can trust for exceptional panel installation. Give the solar experts at West Bay Energy a call! To learn more about our services and solar equipment, contact us at 727-288-6744. We are located at 6260 39th St N, STE I, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, serving clients throughout West and Central Florida.