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Solar Panel Companies St. Petersburg FL

Solar Panel Companies St. Petersburg FL

An aerial view of solar panels, installed thanks to solar panel companies in St. Petersburg FL like West Bay Energy

Trusted Solar Panel Companies for St. Petersburg FL

Finding the best solar panel companies for St. Petersburg FL can be challenging. After all, solar companies are plentiful throughout the Sunshine State! For this reason, finding a solar company you can rely on for high-quality service, financing support, and the latest solar tech is crucial. Thankfully, residents of West and Central Florida count on West Bay Energy! Call West Bay today to get your solar installation started.

Why Choose West Bay?

At West Bay Energy, we strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors. West Bay is a family-owned business that puts the care and education of our customers above all else. Furthermore, with West Bay, you have access to customer support and financing options not always available with your typical solar panel companies in St. Petersburg FL.

  • True Solar Installers
    • On the surface, West Bay Energy might look like any other solar company in the Tampa Bay area. However, local solar contractors are often not much more than salespeople. While they can connect you with solar installers, there’s little they will do to support you or provide assistance after a sale is complete. Conversely, West Bay Energy sells AND installs our solar panels. When you require assistance with your panels, our in-house technicians are the ones to help.
  • Excellent Financing
    • Solar companies looking to make a quick buck and move to the next sale rarely offer to finance your solar panels. However, this isn’t the case with West Bay Energy. Saddling our customers with significant debt is never our goal. We support our customers with $0 down installation costs and flexible financing options. Additionally, our clients can take advantage of our extensive warranties if issues occur with your panels.
  • The Best Solar Tech
    • At West Bay, we partner with the country’s best solar panel manufacturer, Mitrex, guaranteeing our customers sleek, modern, and highly-effective solar systems. Mitrex’s revolutionary building-integrated photovoltaic systems are ideal for homes and businesses alike. Mitrex panels can collect the sun’s UV rays under any weather condition and are designed to match the color, style and pattern of your property’s roof.

Solar in the Sunshine State!

The abundance of sunlight in Florida allows solar adopters to maximize the benefits and savings they can receive from solar energy production. For example, various state net metering programs credit homeowners for every extra kWh of electricity they produce; that’s only one way to take advantage of solar! Some of solar energy’s best benefits include:

  • Cost-Savings – Solar energy production helps reduce your reliance on utility companies, saving you more on monthly electric bills.
  • Tax Incentives – From Florida’s 100% property tax exemption for residential solar panels to the federal tax credits you can receive for newly installed solar systems, there are tons of incentives for solar adopters!
  • Environmentally Friendly – Solar is infinitely abundant and produces no harmful emissions when converting energy, unlike fossil fuels.
  • Energy Independent – Solar panels can be set up anywhere, and energy is stored in external batteries, helping reduce your reliance on power from “the grid.”
A technician installing panels from Solar Panel Companies St. Petersburg FL

Talk with Our Team

When you’re ready to begin your solar journey, ensure you have the support of the best solar panel companies for St. Petersburg FL. Give the solar experts at West Bay Energy a call today! You can learn more about our solar installation, main panel upgrades, and backup power systems by calling 727-288-6744. We are located at 6260 39th St N, STE I, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, serving clients throughout West and Central Florida.