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Increase your home or business value in Apollo Beach while supporting the environment, with solar power. Are you ready to finally make the transition to a renewable energy and get your solar panel installation in Apollo Beach?

People in Apollo Beach are complaining about the electricity costs that are climbing up annually at absurd rates, so not only can you save a lot of money by tremendously lowering your electric bill, but you will also be immune to the constant rise of the electricity rates in Florida.

Florida’s energy costs are somewhat high. In actuality, the average monthly power bill paid by taxpayers of Florida is 13% greater than the national average, depending on the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The adoption of solar energy, whether it’s for your house or your business has plenty of benefits. In comparison with the more conventional methods of producing electricity, mostly through fossil-fuel, it’s a much better choice.

Solar Panel Installation in Apollo Beach. Your Solar Technology Experts

Among the most popular solar reward program across the U.S. is the federal solar tax credit. At present, the residential federal solar tax credit gives homeowners a dollar-for-dollar decrease against your federal earnings tax equal to 26% of the final cost of solar energy systems you install on your house. This advantage exists through December 31, 2022. In about 2 years the residential tax credit will be reduced to 22%. In 3 years, the tax credit for residential solar ends.

Sunny Florida means nice, warm weather all year, however it also means bigger energy costs to keep cool. At West Bay Energy, we proudly offer the best photovoltaic panel solutions for our customers in Apollo Beach and their particular requirements.

Florida is one of the top states in the country for installing solar panels. The combination of excellent sunlight exposure, the solar tax credit, a great net metering program, and some of the best financing options in the country enables property owners to find an excellent return on investment with solar panels.

We provide superior products and outstanding customer care with every solar panel project we manage in Apollo Beach.

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Choosing solar energy represents a major step toward a much greener and better future. It is one of the purest energy resources.

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