Solar Panel Installation in Dunedin, FL

We enjoy our work and we want your new solar panels in Dunedin to be the talk of the neighborhood. At West Bay Energy, we consider that switching to solar ought to be as simple as possible. We supply solar panels in Dunedin, as well as each of the maintenance and installation services with low or no upfront cost.

Solar energy systems derive pure energy from the sun. Setting up photovoltaic panels on your home assists combat greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes our mutual reliance on nonrenewable fuel source.

Solar panel installation in Dunedin is getting cheaper to get for your home. Inexpensive solar financing choices are available for those looking to get the advantages of photovoltaic panels without breaking the bank.

Florida is among those top places in the country for solar panel installations. The mix of excellent sunlight exposure, the solar tax credit, a great net metering program, and some of the strongest financing choices from the country enables property owners to find a superb return on their investment with solar panels.

Solar Panel Installation in Dunedin. Florida’s Top Solar Contractor

If you go solar for your house in Dunedin, you have a range of fiscal advantages granted by the government: Federal Tax Incentives, Local Property Taxes.

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The federal Financial investment Tax Credit has been one of the most trusted and successful rewards for solar across the country. This solar reward enables you to subtract 26 % of the total system expense from your federal taxes.

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Sunny Florida means nice, warm weather all year, but that also means higher energy costs to keep cool. At West Bay Energy, we take pride in delivering the very best photovoltaic panel solutions for our customers in Dunedin and their particular requirements.

We take pride in offering products and outstanding customer support with each solar panel work we deal with in Dunedin.

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