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Start to increase your home or company worth in Lakeshore while protecting the environment, with solar panels. Are you ready to finally make the transition to a more renewable energy supply and get your solar panel installation in Lakeshore?

The federal Investment Tax Credit has been among the most reliable and impactful incentives for solar across the USA. This solar incentive enables you to subtract 26 % of the total system cost from your federal taxes.

One of the most popular solar incentives across the U.S. is the federal solar tax credit. Currently, the residential federal solar tax credit gives homeowners a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your federal earnings tax equal to 26% of the final cost of solar energy systems you install on your home. This advantage exists through December 31, 2022. In 2023 the residential tax credit will be reduced to 22%. In 3 years, the tax credit for residential solar runs out.

Electricity costs across the United States, including the state of Florida, have been increasing steadily for the past few decades, making solar desirable for homeowners considering photovoltaic panel installation in Lakeshore.

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Solar energy systems offer pure energy from the sun. Installing photovoltaic panels on your home decreases global warming and lowers our mutual dependence on nonrenewable fuel source.

We’ll demonstrate you how much solar contributes to your house’s worth when we introduce your solar proposal.

In contrast to other investments, solar panels have really short periods of payback (8 years on average) making them a very interesting investment.

Florida is one of the top states in the nation for solar panel installations. The mix of excellent sun exposure, the solar tax credit, a great net metering program, and some of the best financing options from the country allows homeowners to see an excellent return on their investment when they install solar panels.

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Usually, Florida solar systems pay for themselves in under 9 years and earn homeowners a lot of money in energy cost savings over the course of their projected 25 to 30 year lifespans.

According to studies having a house with solar panels is much more likely to be sold quicker and at a better cost than non-solar houses.

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