Solar Panel Installation in Sarasota, FL

Start to increase your house or company worth in Sarasota while helping the environment, through solar power. We enjoy what we do and we want your new solar panels in Sarasota to be the talk of the neighborhood.

By installing a solar power system in Sarasota, also known as photovoltaic, you help reduce emissions since the energy that originates from the sun, is safe, and totally renewable.

Solar energy is good for the environment. The power that solar panels generate is green, clean and emission-free.

Electricity rates all around the United States, as well as in the Sunshine state, have been increasing more and more over the last couple of decades, making solar more appealing for homeowners considering photovoltaic panel installation in Sarasota.

Solar Panel Installation in Sarasota. Go Green Electric

One of the best solar reward program across the U.S. is the federal solar tax credit. Currently, the residential federal solar tax credit provides you a dollar-for-dollar decrease against your federal income tax equivalent to 26% of the final expense of solar power systems you set up on your home. This benefit is available until December 31, 2022. In about 2 years the residential tax credit will be reduced to 22%. In 3 years, the tax credit for residential solar ends.

Photovoltaic panel innovation is continually progressing. A few of the most current developments are biohybrid solar cells.

The federal Investment Tax Credit has been one of the most consistent and effective rewards for solar across the USA. This solar reward permits you to subtract 26 % of the total system expense from your federal taxes.

Our owners are electricians and general contractors. We are the nerds in the area. A number of our competitors are simply sales people.

Full System Design and Install. Request a cost estimate today!

No more wasting money on electrical utility bills. Your solar panels will be installed in a manner that maximizes energy collection and aesthetics.

Sunny Florida implies great, warm weather year-round, but that also indicates bigger energy costs to combat the heat. At West Bay Energy, we proudly supply the best photovoltaic panel solutions for our clients in Sarasota and their particular needs.

Dial 727-758-4538 for your solar power installation project in Sarasota and we will be glad to have all of your queries and concerns addressed free of charge!

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