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Are you looking for quality solar panel installers in the Tampa Bay Area that won’t destroy your roof? Are you finally ready to eliminate your energy bill and experience the benefits of going solar?

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Why Choose West Bay Energy

Family-Owned Solar Panel Installers You Can Trust.

There are a ton of solar energy installers in the Tampa Bay Area, however not all solar companies are equal.

Many “solar installers” are just solar salespeople. They sell the job and then sub it out to the lowest bidder to perform the work.

Many times these companies get good reviews online because the issues do not surface for a while. Then when the issues come up, the company is not able to do the warranty work since they are not licensed! 

We have fixed many issues for other solar companies because we are licensed to do the warranty work for the manufacturer.

Ready to work with a quality solar panel installers? Call 727-288-6744 or:

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Our Work Puts Us Above All Solar Panel Installers in the Tampa Bay Area

See for yourself! Click an image below to view in full:

About West Bay Energy

What Separates Us From the Other Solar Panel Installers

Two brothers, Keith & Robert, founded West Bay Energy to help reduce the carbon foot print of the Tampa Bay Area. They noticed that not only were solar panels good for the environment but they were also an essential part of good retirement planning. 

West Bay Energy is a Licensed and fully insured solar installer. We do between 12-15 jobs a month and like to keep our company focused on the customer. 

We want the majority of our business to comes from word of mouth so rest assured we will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations. 

Ready to work with a quality solar installers? Call 727-288-6744 or:

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solar energy company owner keith crouse with solar panel

West Bay Energy Owner Keith Crouse

NOW is the best time to go solar with West Bay Energy. Here’s why:

  • You will save 26% on your solar panel install thanks to the government tax credit. (expiring soon!)
  • Solar panels are still covered by a 25-year warranty.
  • Due to the current epidemic, we are offering our lowest prices yet!

We’re covering the Tampa Bay Area with our solar panels. Here are some actual photos of our work:

Retail Electricity Rates are Rising

Retail residential electricity (Duke Energy) rates have risen an average of 4% over the past 10 years. It’s likely this trend will continue. 

As retail electricity continues to rise, the demand for solar panel installers will eventually be at its peak, and the cost of what you could get your system for may double if you wait too long. 

Also, as we mentioned before, the 26% tax CREDIT (yes, free money) is set to decrease as solar hits that high demand. The government won’t be able to give way that much money!

There is Still Time to Save

By calculating your personal solar savings, the result is a no-brainer, especially with the tax credits, warranties, and environmental benefits. 

We offer a no-obligation solar proposal sent to you via email so you can see the positive impact solar will create on your finances and the environment.

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