Solar Panel Repair: Just How Much Can It Cost?

You’re finally ready to install solar panels at your home. This is a big step, but it can help you save money on your electric bill every month and help protect the planet

But what happens if something goes wrong? What happens if, for example, a solar panel breaks on you?

The good news is that there are professionals out there who not only have solar panels for sale but can also repair damaged panels. But how much does that cost?

This guide will break down the factors that contribute to solar panel cost for repairs so that you’ll be ready if something happens to your new system.

Number of Solar Panels

The first thing that’s going to impact the cost of solar panel repairs for your system is the number of solar panels that need it. If you recently were hit with a hail storm, for example, then chances are almost all of your solar panels are going to need repairs. However, if you simply had a tree branch fall on top of one solar panel, then your other panels should be just fine. 

Now think about how many solar panels you have in your system. Do you have three or four? Or do you have six or seven?

Each solar panel that needs repairs raises the cost. The difference between needing a single panel repaired versus needing even just two can be significant on its own. 

If more panels need repairs, then this means more labor for the technicians. It also usually means more materials are needed to complete repairs. All of this adds to the cost of your repairs.

If you have a big house and need several repaired, then you can be looking at a few thousand dollars for this service. But if one panel just needs its glass replaced, then you can be looking at only a few hundred at the most.

Extent of Damage

The next thing that will contribute to the cost of solar panel repairs is the type and extent of the damage. 

Think about the damage caused by a hail storm again. There was no way for any of your solar panels to avoid being damaged. Chances are, these solar panels will probably need their glass replaced.

Now think of a small tree branch hitting only one solar panel again. This only left a small chip in the glass. In this case, the glass can be mended rather than needing replacing entirely.

If you assumed that the first scenario will cost more to repair, then you’re correct. The greater the damage, the more work that needs to be done to complete repairs. On the other hand, the small chip in the glass can cost as little as twenty dollars to repair.

Debris hitting your solar panels isn’t the only problem you might end up with either. Solar panels have a lot of parts to them that can break down or get damaged. Costs will change depending on what the problem is and how easy it will be to fix.


Finally, the last thing that can affect the cost of your solar panel repairs is warranties. Many companies that install solar panels also provide warranties on their work. It’s important to check what warranties the company you’re purchasing from offers.

For example, some companies will insure the panels themselves. But they can also warranty the mounts or inverters as well.

These warranties can protect your system from such events as faulty parts to major storms that cause damage to your system. This gives them the ability to come out and fix the damage at a lower cost to you. If the damage is minor, you may not even pay a cent out of pocket.

In the case of inverters, these parts are notorious for breaking often. That means it’s very important to have a strong warranty on these parts. Having these warranties means that you don’t have to worry about massive bills when you need repairs to your system.

You want your solar power system to work for a very long time. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re able to get it fixed if something goes wrong. Warranties are a major part of that process.

The Average Cost

So what is the average cost to repair solar panels? When all of the above factors are properly considered, the average cost of repairing solar panels can range from between ninety-five dollars all the way up to almost four thousand dollars.

Remember, you have to factor in the cost of the materials for repairs as well as labor fees. The average cost of labor for solar panel repair is going to be around one hundred dollars per hour. 

If you need panels replaced entirely, this can cost up to thirty thousand dollars in some cases. However, the good news is that the national average for solar panel repairs is about seven hundred dollars. Unless your system was completely destroyed, chances are you won’t pay more than a few thousand for repairs. 

However, once again this all depends greatly on the state of your solar panels when your technicians come out to do the repairs. Keep this in mind when you are getting quotes for repairs. That way you won’t be completely blindsided by the cost no matter what happens.

Get Your Solar Panel Repaired Today

You got your solar panels because you wanted a more cost-effective way to power your home. In order for a solar panel to continue working effectively, they need to be in good repair. So it’s important to have a company you trust to handle your solar panel installation and any repairs that might be needed later.

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