Solar Pergolas: The Perfect Mix of Function and Production

solar pergolas

What are solar pergolas, and why are they so popular these days?

Solar pergolas are a really good solution for homeowners that understand the benefits of solar and decided they want a system, but are limited by one or more of the following factors:

  • Not enough roof space for the solar panels
  • Have an older roof
  • Have a non-southern facing roof
  • Have a barrel tile roof
  • Would like another option besides the roof

The majority of homeowners that install a solar pergola are purely looking for an amazing unique entertaining area. 

Some homeowners want to customize the type of wood used and the pergola design to highlight features such as an outdoor bar and dining area. 

Our average custom pergola size is around 25 feet by 10 feet, but we have built much larger custom applications.  It really depends on the site of the system you want or need. Some homeowners like the idea of completely eliminating their power bill, while some would just like a large enough system to keep them from paying a higher tier usage cost.

A Standard Size for Solar Pergolas

Our standard and most affordable pergola is 10′ x 10′ and provides a great mix of function and production. It is often combined with a full-roof solar system. 

We typically place 6 to 20 solar panels on the pergola. Each solar panel will reduce your power bill by an average of about $6 based on the installs we have completed. A full 36-panel system can eliminate about a $220.00 power bill.

We often try to place these pergola’s away from shaded trees to make them produce better solar energy, but again normal function is often more important than production with these outdoor entertaining areas.

A flat solar pergola to shade a back porch

A flat roof is often the best for continuous solar production, so building flat roof solar pergolas will often be the most efficient power producers.  For optimal performance, a slight pitch is used.

Benefits of a Solar Panel Pergola

A solar panel pergola provides added benefits and tax deductions when it is done at the time of the initial solar installation.  It is also included in the cost of the solar install and can also be included with the tax credit. 

A solar pergola is essentially just a custom racking system for tax purposes but it has the benefits of providing a sheltered entertaining area so it’s a great way to leverage the tax credit.  In short, Uncle Sam will pay 26% percent of the cost of your outdoor entertaining space.

On average our solar pergolas are built permitted and installed within 3 weeks after the contract is signed, so you can have this in before your next family event. 

How Much Does a Solar Pergola Cost?

A basic solar pergola without the cost of panels starts around $1500 for a 10′ x 10′ design. The price may increase based on other factors such as the size, materials, and overall design of the pergola. From there, the cost of the panels is applied.

solar pergola cost

Can I put solar panels on my existing pergola?

Yes! Solar panels can be added to existing pergolas. Solar panels provide grade shade for outdoor areas and can fit on outdoor structures including carports, canopies, and pergolas. If you are looking to expand your current system or want to avoid panels on your roof, adding them to your pergola is a great way to still reap the benefits of solar.

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