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Solar Power Brandon FL

Solar Power Brandon FL

Light bouncing off solar panels helping to produce solar power in Florida

Why Should You Embrace Solar Power in Brandon FL?

Solar power is gaining in popularity throughout the United States. In fact, nowhere has solar become more prevalent than in the Sunshine State! With the sheer number of solar incentives available in Florida, it’s no wonder many homeowners and businesses are making the switch. And to ensure you have reliable access to solar power in Brandon FL, and the surrounding communities, residents count on the expertise of West Bay Energy!

Save Money, the Environment and More!

Not only does solar energy have a positive impact on the environment, but it can also positively impact your wallet. Not to mention, with available solar incentives and the ability to achieve solar independence, there are so many reasons to invest in solar! Some of the best benefits of solar include:

  • Lower Energy Bills – In Florida, solar producers can participate in net metering programs to receive credits from their utility company for the excess energy they generate. You can apply these credits towards your future electricity bills, potentially reducing or eliminating your costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Converting solar energy into electricity does not generate carbon emissions or greenhouse gases, making it an environmentally friendly form of energy production. Furthermore, solar power does not deplete the Earth’s resources, unlike fossil fuels.
  • Solar Incentives – Federal and State programs offer tax breaks to encourage people to switch to solar energy. Homeowners can save up to 30% on the cost of installing new solar panels through the Residential Clean Energy Credit. Also, in Florida, solar adopters can save money through a 100% property tax exemption and no state sales tax on solar equipment.
  • Energy Independence – Solar power in Brandon FL is an excellent alternative if you want to reduce dependency on local utility companies for your electricity. Solar panels allow you to access power from anywhere, regardless of the weather conditions. Additionally, it helps you avoid problems related to fluctuating electricity prices and inconsistent coverage.

Why Choose West Bay Energy?

A house with a pool receiving energy from Solar Power in Brandon FL

At West Bay, we are committed to seeing Florida residents achieve the ultimate energy savings and independence through solar. To this end, we assist customers from beginning to end with their solar panel installations. As a solar EPC company, we manage the sale, design, engineering, construction and installation of solar systems. Additionally, we offer solar adopters $0 down on all new installations and ensure excellent warranties and financing for all our solar products.

Call Today!

Solar power in Brandon FL should be available to all! If you are interested in an investment in solar power, call the expert electricians at West Bay Energy today. To learn more about our solar products and services contact us today at 727-288-6744. We are located at 6260 39th St N, STE I, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, serving clients throughout West and Central Florida.