How Are Solar Panels Mounted to a Roof?

Are you curious about how solar panels are mounted to a roof?

We get asked by the majority of our home owners questions like:

We get a lot of questions from homeowners and we wanted to put this page together to make it easy to answer the question for you about mounting solar panels to your roof.

How do the mounts attach to my roof?

The mounts we use are just like adding a new shingle to the roof. They have their own underlayment that provides added leak protection. They also have a 25-year warranty so if you ever have an issue all repairs are covered.

Will this affect my roof warranty?

No, solar panels mounted to a roof will not affect your roof warranty.

The shingles are warrantied and the shingles are not damaged by installing the solar mounts. When they put a shingle on a roof they nail the shingle to the roof when we install a solar mount we simply screw the mount directly on top of the shingle and this is done without voiding your warranty.

Will it leak?

No, your roof will not leak. Every mount is self-sealing with its own underlayment. The mounts we use are engineered and tested and come with a 25-year warranty. We have never seen a leak coming from the solar mount.

Will solar panels mounted to a roof blow off in a storm?

The solar systems we install are rated to a 160mph (Cat 5 Hurricane).

Do the mounts have warranties?

The solar systems we install are rated to 160mph (Cat 5 Hurricane).

Do the mounts have warranties?

Yes, the mounts we use are the best in the industry and have a 25-year warranty

My roof is old should I put the panels on now or get a new roof first?

Yes, you should put a new roof on first.

If your roof has less than 5 years in its lifetime, we recommended installing a new roof first. The average shingle roof lasts 25-30 years so your roof may have more time on it.

We will in many cases offer to remove and install your panels for a flat price if it is done in the first 5 years of installation, this is our cost and can be a flat rate depending on the size of the system. We can quote you this at the time of install if asked.

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