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Solar Systems Tampa FL

Solar Systems Tampa FL

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Invest in Renewables with New Solar Systems in Tampa FL

Nowhere is sunlight more abundant than in the Sunshine State itself! And as you might expect, that sunlight is used for more than tanning. Thanks to reliable, high-quality solar systems in Tampa FL, residents are taking advantage of the benefits of solar power! With help from top-rated solar installers like West Bay Energy, homeowners and businesses alike are becoming energy-independent and saving thousands on energy costs. Call West Bay Energy today to begin your solar journey!

Why Choose Solar?

It’s the question top of everyone’s mind: why choose solar? While there are dozens of different energy options and even a few renewable ones, how does solar stand out? At West Bay Energy, we’re here to deliver on all of solar energy’s promises, helping our clients save money, save the environment, and achieve energy independence anywhere.

  • Save Money
    • The cost-saving benefits of solar alone are enough for homeowners to consider investing in solar systems in Tampa FL. For example, net metering programs are available throughout Florida, allowing residents to sell portions of solar energy they don’t use back to their local utility companies. Other cost-saving benefits include the federal Residential Clean Energy Credit for returns on installation costs or Florida’s 100% property tax exemption for new solar systems.
  • Save the Environment
    • On top of saving you money, switching to solar energy benefits the environment. Solar energy production is low-emission and creates no pollution, unlike energy produced by coal or oil. Additionally, don’t expect waste with solar, as you might see with nuclear. Finally, by relying more on solar, our society relies less on finite fossil fuels, helping to preserve what’s left for a healthy and balanced ecosystem.
  • Become Energy Independent
    • Best of all, having access to solar energy means freeing yourself from the grid! Most homeowners and businesses without solar panels must rely on their local utility companies for power. And if you’re located further from city centers, or storms and power outages are common, reliance on the grid can become detrimental. As such, solar energy can be collected and produced anywhere, giving you freedom and independence in using your electricity.

The West Bay Difference

A home with newly installed Solar Systems in Tampa FL

Not only can West Bay Energy help you purchase new solar panels for your home, but we assist in the design and installation of your system! As a solar EPC company, we manage solar installation from initial sale to final panel-to-roof attachment. Furthermore, in addition to connecting our clients with excellent federal, state and local solar incentives, we offer our own incentives! Our solar systems have extensive warranties, flexible financing, and $0 down on all installation costs!

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The future is looking bright for solar adopters in the Sunshine State! If interested in an investment in new solar systems in Tampa FL or anywhere throughout the state, contact West Bay Energy today! Learn more about our solar products and installation services by calling 727-288-6744. We are located at 6260 39th St N, STE I, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, serving clients throughout West and Central Florida.