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At West Bay Energy we believe in only installing the best products.

Our owners are general contractors and electricians. We are the geeks about all things solar, while many of our competitors are simply a bunch of sales folks.

We have been around the block and we know that your reputation is based on your work and your work is based on the quality of the products you install.

When it comes to installing a solar system there are 3 components of parts that you need to understand.

  1.  The Solar panels themselves
  2. The inverters
  3. The racking system

Solar Panel Warranty

The first piece to look at is the panels. The panels have no moving parts and have nothing that can break inside the panels. We have not had any issues with a panel breaking since we have been doing this. Yet it is still important to install a good panel for production reasons. If a panel is not producing it is just a big black object on your roof and you will not be getting any financial benefits of the panel.

With the panels, we offer a few kinds but our standard panel is a Mitrex panel.

The Inverters

We have installed a lot of inverters and even though they have a good warranty they break a lot.  We now will only install Enphase inverters unless a customer signs a waiver to use another inverter.  We love the Enphase 25-year full warranty and the fact that we have not had one break on us.

The Roof Mounts

Solar roof mounts are a big concern of our clients, so we use roof tech mounts with a 25-year warranty.  These mounts are effectively like putting a new shingle on your roof and do not void any existing manufacturer’s shingle warranty.

We provide each client with a packet with all their warranty work so no matter what happens they can know their investment is protected.  We also take our work seriously and will handle getting any issue you have fixed and dealt with the manufacturer for you to get your system up and running.

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