Why Choose West Bay Energy

There are a ton of solar installers in the Tampa Bay Area however not all solar installers are equal.

Many solar companies are just solar salespeople. They sell the job and then sub it out to the lowest bidder to perform the work. Many times these companies get good reviews online because the issues do not surface for a while. Then when they do the company is not able to do the warranty work since they are not a licensed solar installation company. We have fixed many of these issues just because we are licensed to do the warranty work for the manufacturer.

Our Production Guarantee

At West Bay Energy we guarantee your panels will perform at least 100% of our proposed production proposal or we will make it right by either adding more panels or issuing a refund.

Other companies only guarantee they will install working panels. They do not guarantee the production of the panels. Homeowners have been misled by companies that install inferior products and over promise savings. Don’t be fooled go with a company that will take responsibility for their solar panel production.

About West Bay Energy

West Bay Energy is a Licensed and fully insured solar company in Tampa. We do between 12-15 jobs a month and like to keep our company focused on the customer. We want the majority of our business to comes from word of mouth so rest assured we will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations.

The reasons you would hire west bay energy to do your install.

1. You want your panels to look awesome. We take pride in our work and our Master Electrician President is on every job.

We do all our own work and do not sub anything out. All our installers are insured and on our payroll, we do not hire temporary laborers everyone working on your home is a professional. (Click here to see samples of our work)

Shane, our Master Electrician personally designs every system to make sure it looks good as well as gets the best sun exposure possible for your roof. Some companies will quote and install a job before a site prep is done. This can yield to installing panels in a location where a tree will grow in a few years and destroy your panel production. We have even seen companies sell large systems to make money when the majority of the panels were not in ideal power-producing locations. We care about you, your production, and the environment.

2. We are solar geeks. We study all the equipment available and we use the best stuff.

Our roof mounts for example are so good they have a 25-year warranty and if you have any issues we will personally handle the warranty claims, one call it’s done. Everything from the panel to the inverter to the screws we use is selected to make sure the system will last at least 25 years.

3. We are family owned and operated

Everyone at West Bay Energy is Family. We love our team and over 70% of our company is either a blood relative or married in. You can rest assured that we care about making sure west bay energy is around for the long term

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Every day homeowners are sold solar only to run into service and production issues costing them time and money. We put our customer first, making sure you produce the agreed rate 100% or we’ll make it right.
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